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The Downtown Las Vegas Arts District has quickly become one of the most happening neighborhoods in the country. Completely removed from The Strip and the casinos, the area is a favorite with locals. Check out the scene: art galleries featuring local artists; alleys full of vivid street art; vintage shops; clothing stores; colorful bars; affordable dining & more. It’s also called Brewery Row: more than a half dozen microbreweries have opened in the past few years.

Duration: 3:00-5:00pm, 5:00-7:00pm

from the New York Times:

The Least Vegas Neighborhood in Vegas

The city's Arts District offers theater without blue men or topless women, no poker tables, and the kind of indie food and bar scene not often seen on the Strip.
"The Art District put the ART in heart! You will fall in love! Fantastic tour! We fell in love with the Art district. Photo ops galore. Visits into a few of the establishments as well. You could get lost in the wonder of the Art district. Ted was a brilliant guide giving us insight to all the incredible art. This is a must for all visitors! Las Vegas is more than just the strip, so much more."

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3:00 PM - Meet Behind the Arts Factory
We meet behind the World Famous Arts Factory on Charleston and Casino Center, by the pink wall on the Boulder Ave rear side of the building. This is a key landmark in the Arts District and the site of the monthly First Friday Street Fair. The tour returns to this location at the very end and we visit a local gallery inside.

3:20 - Antique Alley Mall
We quickly walk through an unbelievable horde of heavily curated vintage wares for sale. Multiple vendors share space inside a large warehouse. The collections include many uniquely Las Vegas collectibles. Pop music memorabilia is also prominent.

3:30 - Recycled Propaganda
One of the most colorful galleries in the Arts District, which has a focus on street art and irreverent activist art. Everyone on the tour gets a small bag of either stickers or buttons from the shop. The back room is a great area for selfies. We exit into the back alley.

3:45 - Authentic Street Art
We walk through an alleyway of actual street art murals and graffiti. It’s completely authentic, and not paid for by grants, not done by permits, it is truly feral. The art is constantly changing in these alleys. We learn about some of the mural history and turf battles between artists. These colorful alleys are often the background setting for fashion photoshoots and music videos.

3:55 - ReBAR
“Get Drunk and Buy Shit” is the tagline of this bar that sells vintage goods and art from local artists. Everyone on the tour gets a bottled water, and everyone over 21 who is drinking gets a ‘Mystery Shot’ at the bar; everyone rolls a single die and that’s the number of the drink you get from the bartender. We rest our feet for a few moments and then continue.

4:10 - Able Baker
This is the largest microbrewery in the Arts District, which is also now being called “Brewery Row” as over a half dozen brew pubs have opened here in the past few years. We sample a pint of one of their most recognizable pours, “Atomic Duck” IPA. After resting our feet we make our way back to the Arts Factory.

Throughout the tour we learn about the recent changes to the neighborhood, which legacy businesses remain, which businesses are brand new and how the local community is impacted by all of this activity.

2.0 Hour

$69/adult (21+)

Downtown Las Vegas

Neighborhood study with social commentary

2 alcoholic beverages
(one shot, one beer)

1 water

sticker or button packs from local artists.

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Arts District and Brewery Row

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