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Update Mar 13, 2024 11:46 PST, Las Vegas


March 26, 2024 ReBAR, 7-9pm
Ashley Fox Memorial

March 29, Recycled Propaganda 6-9pm
TRASH ROBOT closing w/Proper Gander

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March 18, 19, 24; April 8, 14, 24
Fat Cat in Downtown Grand
9pm-Midnite, 206 N 3rd St Las Vegas

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Live on

"Sundial" Live at ReBAR

Hype Jam Encore with Scotty Dub & Co.

DJ Dad Shirt & Friends Live! VFX MEDIA

Arttitud San Francisco

Rockstar Bar Las Vegas

Tealet Video:

Live at Tealet, November 27, 2021, Las Vegas
archive of complete live stream- almost 4 hours long- including breaks in our sets.

4/20 at Tealet:

wait to cross fourth street:

DJ Dad Shirt ยท 04 Wait To Cross 4th Street

Storming Area 51:

video by Chris Drescher

DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
photos by SURI @surikwak

the band:

DJ DAD SHIRT is a Las Vegas based musical collective known for their long, improvised jams that draw from electronic, rock and jazz instrumentation. Guest musicians are a regular feature of their performances, from either the local scene or out of town. Core members Terbo, Jonah and Justin have extensive backgrounds in electronic music, but also love and understand the value of players interacting on instruments in front of a live audience.

Formed almost by accident, the band arose out of ad hoc jam sessions onstage in the Las Vegas Arts District, literally friends from the scene- with a shared passion for playing- filling in dead stage time at a venue favored by local artists and musicians. This laid-back, creative environment is the backdrop for the eclectic post-dance fusion that constitutes the group's evolving sound. Quickly the band established a Saturday night residency in the area, playing over three dozen shows in its first half year of existence.

The group is on an endless journey to define what constitutes an actual "Dad Shirt." Much of this discussion takes place with followers of the band, who are known to wear their own interpretations of 'Dad Shirt' themed outfits at shows.

Band Members:

Terbo Ted, hardware electronics, bass guitar, vocals
Infamous for being the first person ever to DJ at the then-unknown Burning Man Festival in 1992, Terbo was nicknamed "Mayor of the Techno Ghetto" and helped popularize that event in its formative years on the Black Rock Desert. Since then, Ted has DJ'd on four continents, released seven solo albums and performed with various rock bands as a singer and lead guitarist.

Justin Sojourner, lead winds/strings/synths
At a relatively young age, Sojourner has become a highly experienced player on the local Las Vegas music scene. An accomplished DJ and event promoter, he can spin in a variety of styles at a professional level. Anderson is also a seasoned street performer, has sat in with countless bands spanning many genres, and often plays two or more shows per day. Sax, flute and ocarina are all part of Anderson's woodwind arsenal, but they are also known to perform with a menagerie of uniquely hand made PVC woodwind instruments spanning low to high registers. A multi-instrumentalist, Justin also plays vocoder, synthesizer, a Roland Aerophone and electric ukulele with DJ Dad Shirt.

River Reichhoff aka The Rhythm Reverend, drums/percussion/vocals
Born on February 3rd, 1996, River was raised in the underground culture of Portland, Oregon with music in his blood & bones. By age 8 he knew music was his purpose in life and rhythm was his language. In 2012 River began leading Garnish Fire Conclave at Burning Man as composer and lead drummer. In 2017 River started using Ableton Live and expanded his career as a producer and electronic artist. In 2020, River moved to Las Vegas and started DJing, immediately gigging all over town. Over the years, River has performed with a number of DJs and artists including: Jesse Saunders, Rory McAlister, Aceyalone, Tyree Cooper and Sergio Diaz. Today, River plays in multiple music projects in Las Vegas.

Many repeat guests have joined the band onstage over the years.

founding member no longer in Las Vegas:
Jonah Shulman, trap kit
Drummer for Las Vegas original indie rock trio Dead Money. Their sound is often described as ska without a horn section, and they're not averse to playing a country standard from time to time. Bassist Jordan Kiermeier describes Jonah's playing style as "lead drums." While not wowing people with arm windmills and endurance onstage, Shulman is a mild-mannered university professor, having taught courses on Artificial Intelligence and Multicultural Mathematics.

DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
photos by Chris Drescher @odindresch
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
photos by Chris Drescher @odindresch

Previous Performances:

DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
DJ Dad Shirt
photos by Chris Drescher @odindresch

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