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Feel the Nite Remix Contest Winners:

Our DJ Dad Shirt "Feel the Nite" remix contest yielded two category winners, selected from eight official entries submitted before our December 15, 2019 deadline.

Two winners! One will have their song added to DJ Dad Shirt's Soundcloud as our officially sanctioned remix. A Second winner will have our video for "Feel the Nite" recut to their song, and posted to DJ Dad Shirt's YouTube and Facebook accounts.

Winner of our official SoundCloud Remix is The Crack Emcee with their rendition "Feeling the Night" (The Crack Emcee Remix)". *mp3

Winner of our video soundtrack version is by the mysterious Gym Jones Quiet Orchestra. *mp3

Our voting process within the band to select the winners was completely arbitrary and whimsical, with various friends in the band's orbit chiming in with comments. Band members Sojourner and Terbo both submitted multiple entries and neither of those versions won. All of us paying attention were constantly wowed by the unexpected results coming in. There were some really interesting entries.

Las Vegas multimedia artist Spacey Blurr contributed a completely fascinating video live stream where they were both jamming and remixing the track in real time. This was a very interesting glance into both a performance and editing process of a remix. That archived stream can be seen here, and the final remix that resulted from those sessions can be heard here.

There was a waaaaayyy out there stuttery version that stretched our limits in terms of what we expected to hear.

Overall, the Orchestral version was overwhelmingly the most talked about in the DJDS inner circle. All of us were mind blown listening to it. One of the neatest things about their version was explained to us... the sax solo was based on Justin's playing in the studio. Yet the producer converted that audio signal to midi, changed the key from major to minor, and then assigned it to another higher pitched instrument. So some of the phrasing, feel and timing is Justin, and then it's coming from somewhere else too. Amazing.

The Crack Emcee's contribution was an easy pick for our SoundCloud winner, especially when their version was selected within hours of it appearing online by a power user on SoundCloud to be reposted on their channel. The Crack Emcee enjoyed playing with the stems, and had this to say about their process: "Like Elvis and 'Viva Las Vegas', this track and I were made for each other. I've only been to Vegas once, but "Feel The Night" captured the excitement of what I felt and saw, and DJ Dad Shirt is, of course, unbelievable. (He and I should have a residency there.) San Francisco could use the kick in the ass you guys have got going on. It is an honor to be a small part of it."

Even though the contest is over, we will leave the stems up for anyone to remix in the future. There's some neat sounds in there, including a live drum track, female vocal, and solos on sax, flute and ocarina.

Check out some of the different entries!

official entries:


YouTube: DJDS REMIX by Shawn Flanagan

listen to the original song:

Audio Files:

download here
(571 mb zip file with three dozen wav files)

Feel The Nite Board Rough.mp3
Feel the Nite MASTER.wav

Feel the Nite SF stems
Feel the Nite drums stem.wav
Feel the Nite Horn-flute stem.wav
Feel the Nite Main Mix stem.wav
Feel the Nite vocal  stem.wav
Feel the Nite vocal dry.wav

Acoustic Drum Hits
Jonah Closed Hat 1.wav
Jonah Closed Hat 2.wav
Jonah Crash 1.wav
Jonah Crash 2.wav
Jonah Kick 1.wav
Jonah Kick 2.wav
Jonah Kick 3.wav
Jonah Open Hat 1.wav
Jonah Open Hat 2.wav
Jonah Ride 1.wav
Jonah Ride 2.wav
Jonah Snare 1.wav
Jonah Snare 2.wav
Jonah Snare 3.wav
Jonah Snare 4.wav
Jonah Tom 1.wav
Jonah Tom 2.wav

Electronic Sounds
bass alternate.wav
bass drone.wav
bass rhythmic.wav
bass up.wav
chord hits.wav
kick snare.wav
snare echoes with kicks.wav
snare reverb.wav
z All Terbo Isolated Sounds.wav

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